A+ Trader– a rapidly developing forex & CFD brokerage company founded by a team of professionals with over a decade of experience in the trading field. As a licensed trading company based in London, we adhere to the highest standards of EU financial markets and is accredited by financial Regulations Authorities (South London).

Our regulated intermediary status allows us to collaborate successfully with leading global financial market participants to gain access to the most liquid markets and global trading venues.

Being a successful investor or trader requires the right knowledge and the commitment- but with the right partners on your side, it becomes a lot easier, less risky and more profitable. As an intermediary service provider on the financial market, we utilize contemporary, transparent and efficient trading technologies to help our clients achieve their most ambitious financial goals.

We create comprehensive opportunities for successful trading & investing for our clients. Our team is dedicated to providing you with fast and secure access to the financial markets. As a result, the clients can completely focus on investing, paying minimum time to cumbersome procedures. The Implementation of web portal and remote authentication system highly simplifies the workflow without compromising security and privacy.

Turning Passion Into Profit


The Safety of our client’s funds being our top priority, the  web portal and the internal control systems are designed to prevent damage to clients in case of illegal actions of employees or third parties. A+ Trader provides you with knowledge, strategies and the necessary tools to work less and be more successful. Along with our trusted partners, we offer some of the best trading conditions to become a successful trader/investor.

Ultimately, the goal of A+ Trader is to always find the best solution for our customers to maximize their profit. Therefore, our services are based on honesty, transparency, security and professionalism. Becoming a trader at our company, the clients receive a physical certificate and you will be served by our dedicated, highly educated and skillful professionals who constantly work on the development and enhancement of A+ Trader services and thereby the potential for easy and secure trading.

Our Values


Involved in the forex market now over a decade, offering our service for European and Asian clients, we are known as a trusted and reliable broker. Our reputation has built a loyal client base who continues to seek our service as their preferred broker due to our transparent business practices.



We have a diverse client base and a multi-ethnic workforce with the competency to speak several languages. We appreciate our client’s requirements and continue to ensure that our website and our trading environment respect our client’s beliefs and requirements. We ensure our Islamic Shariah compliant trading accounts are in accordance with Shariah laws and Islamic trading principles.


We are committed to the values of honesty, fairness and a sense of responsibility as the guiding force of the organization. We stand by our word, and expect the same from our clients and partners.


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